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I’m Debi…

Eskie Mom. Patriots fan. Addicted to Hawaii, Hawaii Five-0, coffee & flip flops. And quotes. I LOVE quotes!

Debi Lee
And I love online business. I’m a multi-passionate Success Rebel entrepreneur. The whole idea of choosing “ONE thing” to do, quite frankly, stresses me the fuck out.
I spent YEARS. No wait, scratch that… I WASTED years… listening to all the gurus who tell you that you have to do one thing, and spinning my wheels trying to figure out what that one thing should be. Which thing do I choose? Which box do I belong in? Over and over. Round and round. Unfulfilled. Unhappily bouncing from one thing to another.. and back again. Wasting time. Wasting money.
Then one day I saw a quote somewhere. (I told you I love quotes, right? They make you think. And good ones can completely shift your perspective… immediately.)
And I instantly did exactly that… I remembered who I was; who I’ve been all my life; who I was looooooooooooong before I started my own business. I’m a multi-passionate, multi-tasking badass. So fuck the box. No box. I’m ME. Just me. Multi-passionate. Lifetime learner. Expert generalist. Hands in all things. Curious as all hell. And I want to do it all. Right now.
I have over 35 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience across a variety of fields and disciplines. I’m a Certified Entrepreneur Mentor and I’m also studying to become a Flow Consultant and a Certified Master Empowerment Coach.
I’m an Interpretive Design Expert, making the intangible tangible… 
• emotions and memories transformed into deeply meaningful handcrafted jewelry
• passions, skills and experience blended into lifestyle businesses and income streams
• concepts expressed visually in graphics
And my businesses reflect all of that… yup, ALL of it… with more to come. This site is my way to bring things together under one, multi-passionate, lifestyle business brand so you can see all of who I am. You can read more about me, my company and the businesses that are part of it on this site.
Chances are good that if you’ve found your way here, you’re creative and multi-passionate yourself (I tend to attract peeps like you!) and I’d love to meet you, so stick around, say hello and come join my community!
Debi xoxo
How can I help you?

Designs by Debi™ is my handcrafted jewelry business. I specialize in personalized jewelry, memorial jewelry, one-of-a-kind pieces, custom designs and the gorgeous island-and-ocean themed Aloha Collection™.

I’m not taking custom orders right now. But you can find some great deals in my temporary home on Poshmark while I finish the new website and get my new product lines ready for you. Enjoy!!

The Success Rebelution is the home of heart-centered, purpose-driven, multi-passionate entrepreneurs blending lifestyle business + social entrepreneurship to make a living, a life AND a difference …all at the same time.

We’re finding fulfillment by combining passions + purpose to create authentic, multi-faceted businesses as unique as we are, and stepping up to “be the change” with new ways of doing business that will rock personal and global economies, while solving the world’s problems. We’re not only concerned with creating our own success, but also creating success for others and creating the kind of world we want to succeed in.

Debi Lee Creative™ is my newest venture. It’s my design brand for beachy, watercolor planners, printables and digital art inspired by the Spirit of Aloha and the Islands of Hawai’i.

I hope that my designs will inspire you, empower you, and maybe even transport you to the heartfelt, peaceful, flowing, sunny happiness that is aloha.

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