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Makana Mai Akua, Inc. is currently based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA. The name of the company is Hawaiian and, literally translated, means ‘Gift from God.’ It’s the parent company of all my current business pursuits, which you can read about below. Although based in the smallest state in the USA, I’m blessed to work with clients worldwide and I absolutely love it.

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~ Beautiful handcrafted jewelry for all the unique facets of you… ~™

Designs by Debi™ is the handcrafted jewelry business I started in 2006. I specialize in personalized jewelry, memorial jewelry, one-of-a-kind pieces, custom designs and the gorgeous island-and-ocean themed Aloha Collection™. I enjoy working with my clients to create truly meaningful jewelry for them.

Some of my personalized, made-to-order jewelry lines include my Personalized Keepsake Bracelets, Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelets™, Support Your Soldier Bracelets™, Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelets™, and Awareness Bracelets for every cause.

I’m not taking custom orders right now. But you can find some great deals in my temporary home on Poshmark while I finish the new website and get my new product lines ready for you. Enjoy!!

What does SRAJD mean?
It means that I design and handcraft every piece of jewelry I sell.

Debi Lee - Your Internet Research Specialist

While I was learning everything I needed to learn to start and successfully run a business, I found I was really good at internet research… like unbelievably crazy good at it. So I decided to offer my services as a freelance Internet Research Specialist. For many years, I commanded top dollar rates working with marketing strategists providing them with focused research for their projects.

I no longer offer general research services and currently only have one research-related offer. It’s a Custom Lead Generation Strategy System™ for clients to find their ideal clients online and continuously cultivate leads.

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The Success Rebelution is the home of heart-centered, purpose-driven, multi-passionate entrepreneurs blending lifestyle business + social entrepreneurship to make a living, a life AND a difference …all at the same time.

We’re finding fulfillment by combining passions + purpose to create authentic, multi-faceted businesses as unique as we are, and stepping up to “be the change” with new ways of doing business that will rock personal and global economies while solving the world’s problems. We’re not only concerned with creating our own success, but also creating success for others and creating the kind of world we want to succeed in.

I aid clients in this process using my 35+ years of teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience.

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Debi Lee Creative™ is my newest venture. It’s my design brand for beachy, watercolor planners, printables and digital art inspired by the Spirit of Aloha and the Islands of Hawai’i.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, but Hawai’i captured my heart and made my soul feel at home on my first visit in 1987 and I’ve felt an intense connection to the Islands ever since. So I’m an island girl at heart, inspired by beachy things and tropical flowers… hibiscus are my favorite.

I’m a life-long collector of inspirational quotes and sayings and have been combining my love of all these things into digital art for years, only now deciding to indulge this facet of my creativity and launch a creative brand.

I’ll be offering planners, printables, and digital art, art prints, functional art, accessories and home decor in the various shops you see below. I’m just starting out so keep checking back.

I hope that my designs will inspire you, empower you, and maybe even transport you to the heartfelt, peaceful, flowing, sunny happiness that is aloha.

From the very first time I visited Hawaii back in 1987, I’ve had a deep heartfelt connection with the Islands. I’m drawn to them in a very profound way and feel more at home when I’m there than I do here in Rhode Island where I’ve lived all my life. So, little by little, in my spare time, I’ve been working on a website all about Hawaii… the islands, the people, Hawaiian culture and language, with all sorts of great ways to share my love of Hawaii with you… and fun ways for you to share yours with me!

I’ll also be making Hawaii my home. It’s been quite a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to finally living in the place my heart calls home. I’ll be sharing that journey with you on the blog. and it’s other components aren’t quite ready for publishing just yet (spare time is hard to come by!). But I do sometimes tweet @HawaiiETP and post on the Facebook page, so come on over, leave your slippahs at the door and have a good time. Join the Hawaii ETP ohana (family)… stop by, feel the aloha spirit, talk story, celebrate and share your love for the Islands of Hawaii with fellow Hawaii-lovers from around the world! Just remember… no trading up to better slippahs when you leave 😉

My late grandfather, Ernest Phaneuf, and my great-uncle, Normand Phaneuf, were brothers and best friends. They were also both Army veterans and used to share their “war stories” with me. I love & miss them very much. They inspired me into a lifetime of serving those who serve.

To honor them, continue my work, and fulfill my ultimate life goal of being a philanthropist, I’m starting The Phaneuf Foundation, a charitable foundation that will support soldiers, veterans and military families.

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